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Our Web Design Services for Builders and Tradespeople.

While there are many website templates and pre-designed themes available, our custom web design service for builders offers a range of benefits that cannot be matched by off-the-shelf solutions.

 Because our web designers are qualified web developers we dont use out-of-the-box templates. 

Our web design services are discounted as they are designed to work hand in hand with our SEO Services.

 Just having a website is not enough – your website needs to produce good leads.

A website that does not produce good leads on a regular basis is worthless.

This level of customization allows for a more personalised and distinctive website that stands out from the competition.

Our websites are designed in WordPress – the most popular web design platform in the world.

We dont use free platforms such as Wix, Weebly, Square space, etc

The reason we dont use these platforms is that they limit what we can change within that platform.

Montys Design

Our Web Design Services are Google compliant.

Another reason Montys Design dont use Wix, Squarespace or Weebly is the servers are based offshore – this creates a lag.

This small lag creates a real issue for your Google Ranking in New Zealand

Our websites are Google compliant and your website will be hosted on Google’s cloud servers.

Your new website will include a simple-to-use website editor – which allows you to make changes to your website yourself.

Your new website will be built by web developers with the help of SEO specialists – not an unqualified graphic designer.

We do have in-house graphic design services to ensure your website looks good prior to launch.

Keep in mind when you are looking for a web designer – over 70% of our work is fixing other web designers’ mistakes.

How much do our Web Design Services cost?

The price for a custom-designed website for your business is $2995.00.

We would have a page about you and your background and memberships.

A page outlining the services you offer and a page for your photos and videos.

Two more pages with more in-depth information – this may be, Renovations, New Builds, Hot Water Cylinder Replacement, Blocked Drains etc.

We include a contact page with your Facebook page embedded – your website will be five pages. 

The price also includes us writing your content – our content writer is an ex-reporter for the New Zealand Herald.

This can be claimed as a Business expense.

Our Simple Web Design Process.

We have a system for busy tradies like yourself to make the process easy and fast.

 All that is required from your end is a 10-minute phone call after tea to obtain some basic information.

We then use that information to build a great story that sells.

When we have gathered all the information and high-resolution photos – we custom design your new website. 

You will also need some ongoing SEO work – Your website needs to deliver leads and results. 

Your Website Will be Designed in WordPress.

WordPress is an open-source project that’s been around since 2003. Nearly 20 years later, the project is still going strong.

 Being open-source means you’re free to download, use and modify it to match your needs. And this is one of the most attractive points for using WordPress: it’s completely free to get started.

Anyone can download, install WordPress and build a website according to their vision. 

This is especially crucial for small business owners, bloggers, or just about anyone who’s looking to create their own space online. Of course, you would need to pay for a domain and get a hosting provider if you want to take your website online.

 But you can think of building a website as building a house. Your hosting provider provides you with a piece of land, your domain is your house address. And WordPress gives you the resources needed to actually build that house.