Web Design Service for Plumbers

Our Websites Deliver Results.

We Dont sell Ads.


We Build Great Websites

Web Design Service for Builders

Generate the Jobs you want.

We will get your business found by local people searching for local Plumbers.

We do this via Google’s GEO Targeting and keyword matching. This is done in the organic search results – NOT THE ADS. 

The problem is that Kiwis, as a rule, don’t like clicking on ads.  

The common story we hear from businesses like yours is, “I run Facebook Ads, but the leads are no good,” or “I run Google Ads, but it costs a fortune for little return.” The reason this is happening is really simple:

They were never looking for your services in the first place.

Your advertising needs to start with intent.

We will build you a five-page website specifically built to generate these local Jobs – showcasing your story, services, and photos. 

Your website will be designed to rank on Google for the type of work you want to attract.

This may include Bathroom & Kitchen Renovations, Water Filters, Solar Heating, Hot Water Cylinders, Replacing & repairing tapware, etc. 

After we have built your new website we continue to optimise your website to generate leads.

If you just build a website and leave it – it will sit at the bottom of Google with all the other Plumbers websites. 

A website that does not generate income is worthless. 

Who are we?

We have been in Business for 20 Years. Our experience is vast and includes owning the largest trades directory in New Zealand. 

The Website was featured on Breakfast, Campbell Live, The National Business Review, Stuff, and The NZ Herald.

Montys Design sold that Business and went on to work with larger companies focusing on Search engine Optimisation and Web Design.

Montys Design has worked with companies such as Toyota, Totalspan, Placemakers, Carters, Kiwispan, Mike Greer Homes, Stonewood Homes, Versatile, and Laser Plumbing to name a few.

We now offer lead generation and Web Design services for Plumbers. 

Web Design Services

The Cost ?

Master Plumbers Discount

The custom website build costs $2995.00 ( You Own the Website )

When your website is live we start the search engine optimisation ( SEO )   

The SEO and Hosting is $295.00 a Month and is billed Monthly. 

Our Websites are Powered by Googles own Cloud Platform

Our websites are custom made with WordPress and Hosted on Google Servers.

All our Websites are Google Compliant.

We dont use the free ” Website ” Builders. such as Wix, Weebly, Squarespace etc.

These platforms store your data offshore – this creates a lag in your website speed.

The Process?

  1. Fill out the Form Below.
  2. We start with building you a home page design.
  3. You sign off your home page or make changes.
  4. We send you an invoice for immediate payment.
  5. We build the rest of your website. 
  6. When your happy with your website, we go live – we then start you on our SEO – Hosting Plan . 
  7. We start building backlinks and new landing pages. to generate leads for your Business.


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No -But you will need to stick with the SEO for at least six Months – After that you can host your website elsewhere  if you wish. 

You should Start to see results in eight weeks. 

WordPress. This is the most widely used web design platform for professional Web Designers Worldwide

Yes – This is all included in the price.