Lead Generation & Telemarketing for Financial Advisers.

If you need Cold Calling, Telemarketing and Facebook Advertising we recommend Sixteen10.

Sixteen10 is a results-based client acquisition firm for Financial Advisors and Rural Banking Institutions. We have over 31 years of cold calling and marketing experience. We work in three key markets being Agribusiness, Farming, and the Residential Building Market.

Sixteen10 is a full-service cold calling & digital marketing agency, with a focus on Personal Risk Insurance. Our experience helps financial advisers grow their client base, increase sales & grow their trail revenue through cost-effective, results-based Telemarketing and digital marketing strategies that work

Sixteen10 has a long history of working within the Agribusiness, Farming, and Residential Construction Markets. Our target market is business owners and farmers. This market usually carries a high amount of personal debt, many with young families. If you are looking to increase your market share with farming families, small business owners, builders and rural contractors – sixteen10 can help.

We only work with top advisers. Advisers that are serious about their financial future. Advisers that know how to close deals and get the job done. Our target for each financial adviser is 7 new clients every week, spending a minimum of $500.00 each a Month on personal risk insurance.  Further down the page, you will find our rates.

Before you receive your leads we have spoken to the client and obtained the ages, BMI, and occupations – and a story about them – Our people have been called on your behalf, and are expecting a quote for medical or income protection insurance, and you ” Jo Smith” the adviser to be calling them at an arranged time – With the quotes…  

The best way to contract Sixteen is via their Facebook page – Sixteen10

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