Generate more work with Google Advertising.

Advertising on Google is by far the fastest, and most cost effective form of customer acquisition in the market today. No other form of advertising comes remotely close. Google advertising allows you to connect with the people looking for exactly what you have to offer right now.

But Beware – it can also be a huge waste of money, if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Let us create a campaign for your Business that will deliver reliable and predictable results on a ongoing basis. This will include, geo targeting, creation of ad groups, ad copy,  keywords, including negatives and competitor keywords.

Remember over forty percent of people visiting your website will not engage your services on the first visit.  So we need to get them back, we do this via remarketing. Also called retargeting, Google remarketing is the technology that enables our Ads to follow potential customers as they move across the internet. When a user visits, we place a small snippet of code (remarketing code) on your website adds them to a remarketing list.

No doubt in the last few months you have searched for a product online and noticed adverts for that product seem to appear everywhere you search online. That’s Google retargeting, it’s clever and it works.  

All of our campaigns have advanced click protection installed, this eliminates unwanted clicks from robots, and foreign IP Addresses. Robots and foreign clicks  make up to 35% of all ad clicks here in New Zealand. 

This allows us to drive real local traffic to your webpage and block foreign clicks, spam and robots. 

  • Exclusive fixed price lead generation campaign's.
  • An experienced team of certified adwords professionals.
  • Monthly Reporting and Analytics.

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