Get more Double Glazing work with Bing.

Are you looking for more Double Glazing work? Promoting your services on Bing is possibly the most cost effective and reliable form of advertising there is to target the 55 plus demographic. The baby boomer generation represents New Zealand’s highest disposable income.

This age group are now used to Bing – they like using Bing – and they are not about to change anytime soon. This is why Bing dominates the search engine market for this age group. 

This age group interact with search engines differently than the typical Google user. The search intent of this age group is a lot higher than Google.

This demographic will search Bing for a local Double Glazing Business and choose one they like from the top of the list.

We will create you a landing page designed for the older age group, with a contact form, references, photos, and a gold card discount if you offer one. 

Your campaign will run for approximately 6 months, or as long as it takes us to reach the desired outcome. From experience some weeks you may get five calls, and the next week one, and the week after that another three and so on.

The cost for this lead generation campaign is only $699.00. This will connect your business with around 100 local customers, that are currently looking for a Double Glazing business like yours.

As a fully Accredited Bing Advertising Partner, we get additional strategy and support from Microsoft, enabling us to deliver you a customized highly optimized service that is not available to the general public.

If you find at anytime you have too much work coming in, we can put your advertising campaign on hold for a period of one Month. 

We are very extremely happy with the amount of leads and work that was generated with our Bing Advertising campaign. Ferguson Builders.

We are getting over 40 quotes a day in  Summer using Bing. Bing allows us to tap into a new demographic we had not previously targeted. Jim’s Mowing.

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