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Who uses Bing? the baby boomer generation uses Bing. The age group being between the ages of 55 -75 represents the highest disposable income bracket in New Zealand. If your business services this age group and you’re not on page one of Bing – you’re missing out.

Bing is owned by Microsoft, and is the default search engine on new personal computers, tablets and laptops, sold in retailers such as Harvey Norman, Noel Leeming, pbtech and the Warehouse Group. 

Research has revealed that the typical user on Bing is generally between the ages of 55 and 75. One-third of Bing users have a household income of $100,000 or more, and 22% more was spent online with Bing than Google for this age group.

Although there are fewer users than Google, this demographic have more disposable income, and huge purchase intent when searching. Also, since Bing users are generally less tech-savvy, they are not as likely to differentiate between a paid search ad and an organic search result, making them more inclined to click on your advert and make contact with you.

As a fully Accredited Bing Advertising Partner, we get additional strategy and support from Microsoft, enabling us to deliver you a customized service that is not available to the general public.

All of our campaigns have advanced click protection installed, this eliminates unwanted clicks from robots, and foreign IP Addresses. Robots and foreign clicks now make up to 35% of all ad clicks here in New Zealand. 

This allows us to drive real local traffic to your webpage and block foreign clicks, spam and robots. 

  • Bing users are generally between the ages of 55 -75.
  • Bing users have a much higher purchase intent.
  • Bing users have New Zealand's highest disposable income.
Bing Partner New Zealand

We are getting over 40 quotes a day in summer using Bing. Bing allows us to tap into a new demographic we had not previously targeted.

Jim’s Mowing.

We are extremely happy with the amount of leads and work that was generated with our Bing Advertising campaign. Ferguson Builders.

Ferguson Builders.
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